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Elder law is a legal term used to identify the practice of an attorney that focuses on planning for older individuals who are in need of assistance in making financial, healthcare and end-of-life decisions. Commonly, these needs can be handled using three basic legal tools that name an individual who can be trusted to make compassionate and timely decisions when circumstances require them:

  • A Durable Power of Attorney
  • Designation of a Healthcare Surrogate
  • Living Will

Frequently, these documents are included as part of comprehensive Estate Planning.

In addition, thoughtful planning must be given to living arrangements for an aging individual with declining health. Available options include in-home care, or independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing in a managed care facility. Each of these carry specific financial obligations that a lawyer versed in Elder Law can provide assistance to the decision maker.Our practice considers what is best for the elderly individual, while at the same time treating him or her with the respect and dignity that is deserved.

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